Real Solutions Using Common Sense

How to fix the VA health system.

1. Sell off all assets of the VA facilities that are failing, this will eliminate a drastic portion of the overhead. (Saving billions.) Keep the facilities that are thriving and doing well.

2. Issue an insurance card to veterans. They may use this insurance card with any health care/ Mental health provider. They may also use the card to see specialist as well.
3. This will eliminate long wait times. My mom and dad are Veterans and we know about wait times.
4. Create harsher penalties for anyone who defrauds the new VA system, loss of all assets, prison time, and the revocation of any medical license. They may never practice again.
5. Use the extra money saved to lift our homeless Veterans out of the streets.
6. Our Veterans will now be able to receive prompt and complete care.
7. Staff that was cut by the new VA system now can join the private sector. They will still be needed due to the increase demand put on the private sector. They may also fill positions on military installations. We also have a shortage of these professions in the private sector.

Wage Increases/Corporate Tax

When you force a company to pay more in wages the money comes from its profit. Companies then increase cost of their goods or services to offset this forced cost. This action negates the forced wage increase and doesn't accomplish what it was intended to accomplish.

Another failed policy is giving a company a tax break and expecting the money to trickle down increasing employees wages. Everyone has seen that trickle down economics is a bust. Companies don't always give the saved money to employees. The companies use the money to buy back shares, or increase bonuses. We have all seen it.

I propose a Real Solution to Our Real Problems.

There are four loopholes I would close for corporations.

Institute a tiered corporate tax system.

This tax system is designed to encourage companies to make wise decisions based on what is best for the company.

A Berkeley study showed it would cost Wal-Mart 4.85 Billion dollars to raise every hourly employees wage to $15 per hour. Wal-Mart earns (after taxes are paid) 14.7 Billion dollars in profits. Wal-Mart pays 6-7 billion a year in taxes.

My tiered tax system would base a companies tax liability on how much they pay their hourly employees. 

The more they pay in hourly wages the less a company will owe. Wal-Mart employs a vast majority of the working poor. The working poor require government assistance. The tiered system would reward Wal-Mart if Wal-Mart paid more. Wal-Mart could pay 4.85 Billion more in wages, owe 1 billion in tax liability and be able to add another 150 million dollars into its profits. The working poor now earn more money taking away their need for government assistance. 


Companies will be able to chose their tax bracket based on how generous they are to their employees!! Once tens of millions of Americans earn more we can save the government tens of billions of dollars in assistance.

Small-Mid Size Business Support

When you elect me, you elect a friend of the entrepreneur. Many small towns rely on small-mid level businesses. The mom and pop stores are closing faster and faster these days. Here is how I will help.

Eliminating the self-employment tax is the End Game

First lower the Social Security Tax for small-midsize businesses owners to 6.2%.

Second lower the Medicare Tax for small-midsize businesses to 1.45%

Look into eliminating the Capital Gains Tax for small-midsize businesses.


Hemp and Cannabis

I support the cultivation of hemp for textiles and green energy. I believe Hemp can be proactive in helping eliminate our national debt.

I support responsible Cannabis use for medicinal and recreational use. 


Legalize Cannabis federally and apply a federal sales tax to add money into the coffers of Social Security.


Deregulate Hemp so it can become America's new cash crop. Apply a federal sales tax to add money to the Treasury coffers, so we can start tackling our National Debt.

Advocate for the release of all Cannabis only offenders from prison, jail, probation and parole. Expunge records on cannabis only offenses with no financial compensation.

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