I am a Constitutional Candidate. We have strayed from the enumerated powers of the Constitution and it is our responsibility to get us back on track. Just because I have an opinion on a topic doesn't mean that I have an enumerated power to enact policy. I will take action when the power lies in Congress's hands and I will remind my colleague's when they are stepping outside of their enumerated powers. I support States Powers and when the State holds its own power, we as a people have more control of our daily lives.


National Debt

The national debt is one of the most serious national security risks facing our country. We must practice fiscal responsibility and transparency. Also, we need to implement on the local, state and national level balanced budgets.


I believe in the STEAM educational framework of science, technology, engineering, arts (social, language, physical, musical and fine arts) and math provides the necessary skills for American students to compete in tomorrow's global landscape.


I believe healthcare should be affordable and accessible to all Americans


I believe in developing alternative renewable energy sources which will reduce and eventually eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil. This will also take away foreign influence over our country. I support Hemp to lead us into the future with bio-fuel and biodegradable plastic. Hemp can be made into 33,000 non toxic products that we use everyday. 


I believe in equal rights for all American citizens regardless of sexual orientation, race, color, age, religion, ethnicity, gender, and mental or physical abilities. Further, we believe the government's intrusion on the personal rights and freedoms of individuals should be kept to a minimum. 


I support the small-mid size business owner. I would lower the Social Security mandate to 6.2% and Medicare to 1.45% for small-midsize businesses. I also would support a tiered tax liability system for corporations. I would close 4 major loopholes in the tax system and base a corporations tax liability off their hourly employees wages. The more they pay their hourly employees the lower their tax liabilities. This system will reward a company for paying more to the working class, instead of relying on failed trickle down economics. Putting more money in the working class pockets will lift the working poor out of poverty and off government assistance. This will the save the government 10's of billions of dollars. Since the corporation saves money on paying taxes, it doesn't come out of the corporations pocket. In turn this will prevent the price increase in cost of goods associated with forced minimum wage laws.


Both of my parents are Veterans and with me you have an advocate in your corner. I will bring new ideas to improve the VA system making it more efficient and cost effective. This proposal will revolutionize the way the VA operates. With the extra resources available we will help our homeless vets get back on their feet and provide the much needed help so we can tackle the veteran suicide rates.

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